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Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected.

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How does Tooth Pulp become infected or inflamed?

Pulp infection and inflammation most often occur if you have:

  • A cracked or chipped tooth

  • A deep cavity or filling

  • Faulty crown

  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth

  • Other serious injury to the tooth

All of these can allow bacteria to enter the pulp and cause infection and/or inflammation.

Why are Root Canals necessary?

Treatment is needed to treat infected or inflamed pulp.


The pulp is soft tissue inside the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves.


When the pulp becomes infected or inflamed, treatment is needed, otherwise more serious complications can occur.

What are the steps for a Root Canal?

Root Canal treatment can often be performed in one or two visits and involves the following steps:

  1. Dr. Elizerov examines and takes a radiograph of the tooth using x-rays, then administers local anesthetic. After the tooth is numb, Dr. Elizerov places a small protective sheet called a “dental dam” over the area to isolate the tooth and keep it clean and free of saliva during the procedure.

  2. Dr. Elizerov makes an opening in the crown of the tooth. Very small instruments are used to clean the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals and to shape the space for filling.

  3. After space is cleaned and shaped, Dr. Elizerov fills the root canals with a biocompatible material, usually a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The gutta-percha is placed with an adhesive cement to ensure complete sealing of the root canals. In most cases, a temporary filling is placed to close the opening. The temporary filling will be removed by your dentist before the tooth is restored.

  4. After the final visit with Dr. Elizerov, you must return to your dentist to have a crown or other restoration placed on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function.

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